Writing a poem in 3 minutes or less

Dvora Levin

This is a participatory workshop to demonstrate the power in writing a short poem.

The workshop includes:

  1. Introduction with 2 short poems will be read as examples (2 minutes).
  2. Each participant will write a poem using this outline (3 minutes).

    Ideas are like (choose a metaphor):

    • 3 descriptors about how ideas FEEL. (adjectives or phrases)
    • When they (something that happens)
    • The world (response/action)
    • Conclusion
  3. Two volunteers will be asked to read their poem and comment
  4. Conclusion including four ways to bring writing poetry into your life. (1 minute).

About Dvora Levin:

Dvora Levin is a published poet with 2 books: To Bite the Blue Apple and Sharav, and a chapbook, This Time In The Land. She is a regular reader at Planet Earth Poetry and conducts poetry writing workshops with leaders, people of the street and sex workers. Before becoming a management consultant for the Victoria Police Department, the Downtown Business Association and others, she served as a senior director in government, business and non-profit societies, and a U. Vic visiting professor. For 13 years, Dvora lived in Jerusalem, working in the field of conflict resolution with Palestinians and Israelis. Her volunteer roles include President and Cemetery Director for Congregation Emanu-el, Victoria’s Synagogue. Currently, she service on the Board of Theatre Inconnu.

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