What I learned at Summify Before Twitter Swooped Down and Snatched-Up My Team

Robin Campbell

The consumer internet technology industry is on fire and we’re on track to become Silicon Valley North. So what happens when two Romanian hackers and ex Google interns turn down cozy job offers at Google and Facebook to move half way around the world to found their own company?

In a community building adventure that lasted just seven months, I joined a team of five software engineers on a ride that went from iPhone app launch to Twitter exit. These are some the stand-out lessons I’ve taken away from working in a Vancouver tech startup by the name of Summify.

About Robin Campbell:

Robin Campbell is co-founder of a dance organization hosting some of the largest breakdance battles in Canada and most recently helped Summify, a Canadian consumer-internet startup, build their online community.

He loves meeting people who are excited about what they’re doing and enjoys sharing what he knows with others. He also has a B.Commerce in Entrepreneurship from UVic.

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