What else is possible?

Christine Yole

What if this was the year to ask the question what else is possible and let go of all the conclusions and points of view that get in the way of receiving new information? This talk provides the opportunity to explore new ways of asking questions in order to access new insights and perspectives that we may never have been aware of before. What if it were more fun to ask great questions than seek out the ‘right’ answers? How much have we been rewarded for having the right answer and shut down or made wrong for asking too many questions? What else is possible? Join me in exploring how 2012 can be the year of living in the possibility and seeing what shows up, without having to figure it all out. How does it get any better than that?

About Christine Yole:

Christine Yole is a Life Coach, with a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology, Health and Society and a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology. She is also a certified personal trainer. She loves to explore the subjects of personal growth, spirituality, health and wellbeing. Christine feel inspired to contribute to the upliftment of the whole and deepen her relationship with life. She especially values connection and meaningful contribution. Developing relationships, participating in activities, exploring the physical environment, and reflecting on her relationship within the larger community, are a few areas of focus that assist her in feeling balanced and fulfilled.

She competed as a varsity athlete in the US in rowing, and loves to push the ‘limits’ and realize what else is possible.

Christine’s mission is to support people where they are at and offer tools and perspective to assist them in consciously navigating their life experience and in turn accessing more feelings of wellbeing, fulfillment and joy. She loves to assist people to release fear, transform patterns, activate intuition and take inspired action.

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