The Importance Of Stories

Kevin Koch

Any information can be seen as a story, and all possible world views are just stories, we are just characters in living stories unless you don’t believe this story. Some stories are better then others, but what judges a good story from a bad story and how should we deal with stories that are harmful. In anthropology, people can be defined as being bio-cultural. This means that our cultural being, which are made up of stories, are just as important to us as our biological being. Some might say that our cultural being surpasses the importance of our biological being and the opposite could be true as well, but whatever the case we hold both very dearly and our morals are based in protection of both. What kind of story should we have is a very hard question because the responses could be close to infinite it’s far easier to look at what kind of stories we shouldn’t have. We shouldn’t have stories that place themselves above others and see them selves as the only story because this leads to conquering and conquering leads to monoculture which is unsustainable.

About Kevin Koch:

My name is Kevin Koch, I am currently a undergrad at the University of Victoria. I am a coach for Victoria High School’s improv team and over the summer I was a camp counsellor at camp Thunder Bird. I am a vegetarian and an atheist but in noways am I against eating meat or religion (except for maybe a few aspects of a particular few). tories to me are one of the most significant parts of our lives, and our cultural being should be treated just as well as our physical ones.

2012 IdeaWave