Talking Tech, strictly PR

Ryan Levis

This discussion centers on being outstanding, natural, and honest in sales settings. For individuals who struggle with meeting the right people or knowing the right moment to strike at an opportunity Ryan Levis will teach vocal and postural technique-2-habits that can transform any person into a more comfortable salesperson and speaker.

We know that to succeed well in a physical action, such a presenting or socializing, repetition is a good idea. What is more important though is to understand how in fact our person is being perceived. Ryan Levis will talk about being honest and offer insight into how one can aid external perceptions. If you struggle talking in public or dislike being recorded, Ryan Levis will leave you with a couple of easy mantras and an improved personal brand. If you feel confident this talk will introduce you to even more fun kinds of awkward.

A blind participant will be pre-recorded for the event and that tape will show how bodies physically lie in poor habitual postures. These can be more easily improved with awareness. This is excellent demonstration for health and wellness. Also it benefits attendee’s ability to sell their skills and be their own best competitive advantage.

About Ryan Levis:

Ryan Levis is Canada’s Impact Apprentice. Wham, he won that title for his teamwork and leadership skills. Also some wizard idea waves about cooperative business models and being an outrageous (Shakespearean) business personality.

Ryan strives to create an educational illustrated series around modern economics in the form of a book for young readers and course-packs.

Currently he studies independently with the help of UVIC’s Instituted for Cooperative and Community Based Economy. And as a recent grad majoring Greek and Roman Studies with a business and theatre production minor (Four title Shakespearean roles and he is cast locally to play Henry V [again] this summer) Ryan is in a national identity as well thanks to Impact Apprentice.

Current or recent happenings include: learning French, Mandarin, Piano & Fitness. The Vanity Project. Eagle and the Frog. Henry V. Shakespeare Theatre Association, Canadian Undergraduate Technology, Oil Sands leadership Initiative, GottaCon, TV Travel.

Ryan looks forward to this fabulous networking opportunity and is glad to share his talents, insights, and humor with the Victoria entrepreneurial community.

2012 IdeaWave