Take me to your Makers!

Vanessa Pattison

How many of us regard ourselves as a Maker? We all make things, whether it’s making a meal from scratch, modifying your bike or making jewellery. This talk opens people to think about themselves differently and realise their creative potential and showcase their creations. How awesome would it be to see the other amazing things that do-it-yourselfer’s are building and experimenting with? And not just look, but take workshops, classes and listen to talks.

That’s the essence of a Maker Faire: to celebrate the DIY mindset and share your projects with other Makers. The world Maker Faires in San Francisco and New York regularly draw over 50 thousand people and in its first year, the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire drew a crowd of 4000 makers last year.

This summer, the magic of Maker Faire is coming to Vancouver Island! The Victoria Makerspace is acting as the lead organization for the first Vancouver Island Mini Maker Fair (July 28-29th) and you’ll find out how you can get involved. There are lots of people here making all sorts of amazing things and the Maker Faire is an ideal way to share the love of hobbies, getting together and making things!

About Vanessa Pattison:

Vanessa Pattison immigrated to Victoria from the UK in January 2010 with a background in renewable energy, marketing and media. She’s spent the last year as chief labourer/GC as she fully renovates her 1925 house, which led her to investigate ways to distract herself (escape the house occasionally!) as well as elaborate on her new found skills and rejuvenate her creative side.

After discovering and attending Ideas Victoria, Vanessa heard about Makerspace, took their metal forging class and got hooked into the makers/DIY community, pitching for funds and helping organise events such as the Vancouver Island Mini Maker Faire.

2012 IdeaWave