Student-Built Nano-Satellites

Nigel Syrotuck — Justin Curran

The ECOSat team is Uvic’s entry into the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, a challenge to 12 universities in Canada to design and build a 4kg, 3 litre satellite. With decreasing prices in technology and a wide availability of resources, students such as ourselves can build a working, space qualified satellite that can accomplish much of the functionality of a full sized satellite.

This exciting challenge is a prime example of miniaturization of technology and quickly became the highlight of our undergraduate careers.

About Nigel Syrotuck:

Nigel Syrotuck is the Project Manager of the ECOSat project.

He is a Victoria native in his third year of Mechanical Engineering at UVic.

About Justin Curran:

Justin Curran is the Chief Engineer of the ECOSat project and Co-President of the VVicSEDS chapter.

Justin Curran, an island native, entered third year electrical engineering after completing a technologist’s diploma at Camosun.

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