Occupying Social Media

Lorraine 'raincoaster' Murphy

Social media and the Occupy Movement: how has the nature of social media influenced the direction Occupy has taken in the months since Zucotti Park was first Occupied? What explains the different choices that different Occupations have gravitated to? In a world with such diversity of choice in communications, how do we avoid becoming a digital Tower of Babel, or an archipelago of different platform loyalists?

What is the future of the Occupy movement online?

About Lorraine 'raincoaster' Murphy:

Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy is founder of raincoaster media, specializing in transformative social media training, as well as President Emeritus of Social Media Club of Vancouver, and has been a professional blogger and social media trainer since 2002. She has been very involved in the Occupy movement, both online and at Occupy Vancouver. She’s a contributing reporter on

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