My language and culture are terminal - will the plug be pulled?

Bernard von Schulmann

No culture is static and mine is not only terminal, but in palliative care.

I am a member of a very small ethnic group and one of the youngest members to grow up still speaking the language. As a group we were expelled from our home in 1939. The generations born since the war are being assimilated into Germany and Canada and only hold onto to fading memories of a 700 year history.

Ever since I was young, I have spoken to my elders about our past. I now have the front row seat for the death of a language and a culture.

Will I have anyone interested in hearing about one more small obscure culture that is terminal? Or is it time to pull the plug?

About Bernard von Schulmann:

Bernard von Schulmann is a 46 year old resident of Victoria of Baltic German descent.

I was born in Vancouver but I was sent off to school not being able to speak any language other than Baltic German.

I am also many other things, but they are not what this talk is about.

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