Marine Plants as Food

Nancy Laird

We shop the world for substances to nourish our bodies, but we are missing a huge gift from nature on this island of ours.

Agri-business has changed the nutrient value of fruits and vegetables. Pharma- companies persuade us we must have vitamins and minerals in pill form. Protein production is big business. Packaged foods do not nourish. Prevention is not profitable and what is being advertised and offered to us as food may not be our best choice.

As alternatives, we look to organic, local, slow, sustainable, home-grown, but have we considered marine plants?

About Nancy Laird:

Known as nannutrition, Nancy Laird has a background in Food Science and holistic nutrition with experience in government, industry and academia.

Currently associated with DBMP in Qualicum Beach, Nancy is investigating marine plants local to Vancouver Island as a source of safe, sustainable, secure, and nutritious food.

She loves a good meal with friends.

2012 IdeaWave