Low level external nuclear radiation can improve health

Ian Soutar

Radiation Hormesis

Living things deal with millions of cosmic rays passing through them every hour. Genetic errors occur every hour and are repaired immediately. The mechanism for repair is now know by biologists. The concept of Radiation Hormesis suggests that increasing the external background radiation improves the functioning of the repair mechanism and protects the body from cancer. It also improves immunity.

This concept is now supported by several thousand peer reviewed studies worldwide. Strangely it was also supported by thousands of experiments between 1900 to 1940. However in 1959 the UN and other organizations stated that ALL levels of nuclear radiation are harmful. This was during the cold war. People have believed it ever since but without scientific backup. No doubt high levels of radiation are harmful but low levels are often beneficial.

Low levels of external radiation are not to be confused with consumable sources of radiation like iodine from nuclear accidents! This is truly bad radiation. Can this concept be used for improving health? I am experimenting with the wearing of uranium glass jewellery in order to increase the background radiation levels and improve health. Uranium has been used to make green and yellow glass since 1812. Antique depression glass is uranium coloured.Uranium beads seem to be available at most bead stores … as long as you bring a geiger counter to find them. The uranium is locked into the glass and cannot accidentally be consumed. I have been experiencing beneficial effects from making a point of exposing myself to low levels of radiation of a safe type.

About Ian Soutar:

Ian Soutar is a mechatronics product designer and founded Microsec Research and Development Inc. in 1986. In the early 1980s he worked at the NRC and developed solar thermal products through Norsun Solar in Ottawa and later worked at the National Research Council of Canada on solar thermal and solar voltaic research. He has been awarded some half dozen patents for designs over the last 20 years and specializes in finding the simplest approach to solving problems with microcontrollers or single chip computers. Radio and communication technology are a special area of interest. Ian is currently involved with Palcan Fuel Cells developing a control system to simplify the usage of hydrogen systems by making them almost as easy to use as batteries.

In 2007 Ian worked with Jim Harrington of Victoria to create Canada’s first hydrogen assisted sailboat. Ian is also the founder of the Nickel Iron Battery Association which is re-introducing the Edison Cell to the Solar Industry for the storage of power. These remarkable batteries have a lifespan that can reach 100 years and are the only environmentally friendly battery known.

Currently Microsec R&D Inc. is focusing on alternate energy control systems design. Ian is a beekeeper and is working to discover ways to prevent the “Colony Collapse Syndrome” that has killed many honeybees recently.

Ian has patents on a number of devices ranging from medical and industrial tools, games, agricultural tools and communication systems. He specializes also in radio communication.

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