Feminism, race, social media as a social movement

Janni Aragon

To many of us engaged in social media it’s a no brainer that community building is taking place. However, within academic circles the depth of this community building is just beginning to be understood. There are various social movements taking place online and this short talk will speak to how feminists, women of color (racialized women) are connecting on line and building community.

I argue that we are witnessing a reconfiguration of some of the old social movement models on line, as feminists are building community online.

About Janni Aragon:

Janni Aragon is a feminist Political Scientist who has taught at four different universities in North America. She is also an ex-pat living in Victoria, BC with her NAFTA family (American/Mexican/Canadian).

She teaches numerous courses for the Department of Political Sciences varying from Gender and Politics, Feminist Political Thought, Politics and Popular Culture, to Youth Politics. Her research into “Cyberspace” or Social Media started in 1998 and she continues to be an avid user of social media platforms.

2012 IdeaWave