Diamagnetics, an almost unknown force that may be the keys to a new type of deep space drive

Jim Harrington

This would be an introduction to diamagnetics as a natural occurring elements that tend to move away from any magnetic field. Some of these elements include water, gold silver copper bismuth, and wood. One man made materiel is paralytic graphite and it has been used to demonstrate levitation over super magnets. Another is fluorite which is florescent in the presence of long wave UV. This may explain why some people can douse for water by being attuned to the diamagnetic field. Through a comparison of uranium glass and fluorite a new doped material possibly could be developed to produce strong diamagnetic moments under the influence of intense photo energy resulting in linear drive in micro-gravity.

About Jim Harrington:

Jim Harrington is an electronics and mechanical product designer and is the founder and president of AGO Environmental Electronics, Ltd. His wife describes him as an inventor of practical products and he has been developing research and exploration equipment since 1970 in astrophysics, geophysics, and oceanographic applications. Throughout the 1970’s, he was instrumental in the development and application of transient electromagnetic exploration equipment used in the mining industry. In 1980, he joined the National Research Council of Canada’s Hertzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Space Physics Division. He assisted in the development of the high flux telescope for the Ulysses spacecraft, which has explored the sun and Jupiter. Moving west, he then took over the electronics special projects lab of Dobroky Seatech. In 1986, he started AGO Environmental Electronics Ltd, and under his direction, it has continued to expand, manufacturing specialized support equipment for the mining, oceanographic, and scientific communities around the world. In 2008 he received the Ontario Premier’s award for Technology for the development of Canada’s first fuel cell assisted sailboat.

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