What to do When “Everything’s Been Done Before”

Samantha deVries-Hofman

Internet not only killed television, but it also killed art as it was once seen in history.

In ten minutes I wish to allow for a brief understanding of art’s uses in history and how art is becoming more and more useless through the sharing of information over the internet. One can now glimpse at art history through a video easily accessable over the internet, and no longer does art play the same role it once did in the sharing of information and knowledge to a large mass of people.

So how does art adapt to this new society that acts like a child with ADHD and no medication? By growing past the idea that “everything’s been done before.”

About Samantha deVries-Hofman:

I am a Critical Studies major at Emily Carr University, who is currently a professional chess player in a game called life. I am interested in Global art and the idea of art in the contemporary that stands against all the critical ideas and theories and has the ability to be aesthetic and beautiful while still allow for meaning and information.

2011 IdeaWave