The Way of Improvisation (7 steps to improv)

Dave Morris

Dave Morris teaches you the secrets of improvisation. How improvisation is not a product, but a process, and how that process can be applied to whatever you do. Come learn 7 things all improvisers know, and find out what they mean in real world scenarios.

About Dave Morris:

Dave Morris is storyteller and poet but mostly a world class improviser who’s performed at festivals around the world including Vancouver, Chicago, and Berlin. He works with The Canadian Improv Games teaching high school students and is best known for his one-man improvised storytelling shows.

He’s performed at Improv Festivals around Canada and the world including Winnipeg, Seattle, Chicago, Berlin, and was the artistic director of the Victoria Improv Festival this past year. He spends his days teaching public improv classes, performing as a one—man improvised storyteller, and producing shows at the Victoria Event Centre (including The SHOWDOWN and Theatresports) He is also the director for the Vancouver Island Region of the Canadian Improv Games, teaching high school students and generally being awesome.

2011 IdeaWave