The Victoria Open Wifi project

Liam McLachlan

The Victoria City Wide WiFi Project is working to create open, free-to-use wireless connectivity through out the Greater Victoria Area creating a wireless mesh network embeded in the community. A wireless mesh network is a self healing, self growing form of computer networking made up of wireless access devices.

We are working with local business and government to create, launch, and operate the network.

Free WiFi for the city of Victoria would be great, but being able to affect social change through the network would be even greater. With the mesh network in place services for the community can be built on top of it. Things like WiFi VoIP phones for low income earning house. Phone that have no street value for resale and only work in Victoria but are essentially a cellphone to stay in touch with Family, Work, and Social Assistance. Things like inexpensive merchant services for open air markets.

The internet is supposed to be freedom, and free access to information. An open, free to use public network could provide basic access to internet and the web to even the playing field through access to information and services online.

About Liam McLachlan:

I’m 24. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan and I have lived in Victoria for almost 6 years. I’m currently a freelance IT consultant focused on open source systems for small business.

I have a passion for technologies that enable people, and that create value beyond the basic application of that technology.

2011 IdeaWave