The story you were never told

Jaryd Zinkewich

Many years ago in grade school I was asked by an amazing teacher to interview my grandma. The results of my interview weren’t very in depth, lacked uniqueness and at the bottom of my page in scolding red ink the teacher wrote, “Your grandma has experienced much more than she is letting on, dig deeper. She has more to say.”

That experience only recently resurfaced when my grandmother’s dementia escalated and she had no recollection of her past. All of her experiences, and the wisdom she had built up were now erased. This, I realized is an all too common problem. As a community we forget that time is limited and the transfer of knowledge is essential to understanding each other.

There had to be a way for me to capture this time sensitive knowledge. I wanted to connect analog citizens to a new digital generation. I created the Grow Wisdom project.

This is about all of us digging deeper.

About Jaryd Zinkewich:

Jaryd Zinkewich Is originally a prairie boy with his roots in Regina, Saskatchewan. He moved to Victoria in 2007 for the obvious lack of minus forty degree winters and to attend school at Camosun College where he’s pursuing a marketing degree with a background in psychology and interpersonal skills.

He’s part of Twestival Victoria and Social Media Club Victoria as the post-secondary institution coordinator.

His two main passions are connecting incredible people with forward thinking ideas through the use of social media and helping small business engage with and better understand their community.

2011 IdeaWave