The Power of Paper

Mike Vardy

With the advent of technology and the seeming demise of analog as a primary form of communication, I’m of the belief that paper is still the most effective and powerful tool one can have at their disposal when it comes to creation and organization.

My talk will break down the benefits of sticking with paper over digital devices, in terms of both physical and visceral permanence. There’s something about writing things down that allows them to sink in and fuse with our psyches that much better.

I will include audience participation in this talk, where the power of paper will be demonstrated.

About Mike Vardy:

Mike Vardy is a writer, speaker and productivity pundit from Victoria, BC. His work has appeared on several blogs including GTD Times, WorkAwesome (where he is also editor) and Life As A Human. He has several years of stage experience and has created works for CBC Radio and the print media as well.

Mike Vardy is the writer, speaker, and “productivityist” behind and the productivity parody site Eventualism. Vardy’s candid satire has made him a desirable speaker on an often dry topic, delivering talks on the topic such as “Hacking Lifehacks” at TEDx Juan De Fuca and presenting keynote talks at events in Vancouver and Victoria. Currently a Managing Editor at Stepcase Lifehack, Vardy has contributed to many popular productivity websites and publications, including David Allen’s GTD Times and Productive Magazine and has appeared in local publications (YAM Magazine, Black Press) and nationally in The Globe and Mail. He lives with his wife, daughter and son in Victoria, BC, Canada.

He has an amazing wife and two equally amazing children.

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