The future is breaking all the rules

Rose Jang

I’m one of those people who follows all the rules. As a child, I would feel guilty for even being ACCUSED of stealing a cookie. Laws are there to protect citizens. Codes of conduct keep us in line. There are rules and regulations in place so that society functions properly, and if we follow those rules and regulations, society WILL function properly. Right?


I’m one of those people who bends the rules. Rules aren’t hard and fast. They’re guidelines. They’re suggestions of how to behave, how society should function. When it comes down to it, many of the best things in my life have come from organizations being flexible — from choosing classes in high school and university, to gaining an internship at the world’s biggest comedy festival. What are we missing out on by having so many rules? And what would happen if we became more flexible?

About Rose Jang:

I am in my first year in Camosun College’s Applied Communication Program, where I am improving my skills in video, radio, desktop and web publishing, journalistic writing, and photography. Last year I spent 6 months in Australia, where I fell madly in love with Melbourne. This summer I am headed to Montreal to be a digital marketing intern at the Just for Laughs comedy festival, an internship that I got without sending a cover letter or resume!

2011 IdeaWave