The art and impact of Story Catching

Christopher Bowers

The art of story catching is both old and new.This session will talk about what makes it work, both the technology and interpersonal elements, the high tech and high touch aspects.

There’s hard science behind why storytelling is so important. In research on the brain, scientists have found that hearing a story rather than simply reading text fires up a richer set of connectors, it sparks emotions, it summons up connections with memories, and so you remember things when they’re in a storytelling format two to seven times more than you do than if you just get the text alone. Video Story Catching allows individuals and organizations to take their story to the next step. We will look at the art, and spirit, the pathway and the destination, that will give greater likelihood that others will pay attention. That your story will engage, and open doors.

About Christopher Bowers:

After a career teaching in public schools, Christoher Bowers is now Executive Director of Community School Interviews, a local charity, and creator of He’s been called the Story Catcher of Victoria. He works with education, business and community organizations to understand the power of great questions and the resulting personal story. His program is designed to give students, and the public, a better understanding of how the wider world works.

Christopher also coordinates Green Drinks Victoria, a network that supports sustainable business and community development. In addition to the monthly Green Drinks at The Oswego Hotel, he moderates the Green Drink Network of Possibilities a social network that allows GD to become a 24/7 resource for the community.

2011 IdeaWave