Sustainable Funding Small Scale Wind Farm

Geoff de Ruiter

I would like to build a small scale wind farm consisting of around 4 wind turbines. I have data on Vancouver Island for a specific location and as of current analysis the site good for wind potential. One turbine would be allocated for my personal revenue, while the other 3 would be used for funding various environmental conservation organizations, special projects, causes or businesses oriented towards sustainability, and/or research in green technologies and practices. Based on general estimates of a site with good wind potential, each turbine could generate 350-450 thousand dollars per year (2 MW turbine). For the 10-13 years that it would take to pay off the project, ~50 thousand dollars would be taken from each turbine to fund the green initiatives (150 thousand) and provide an income for myself (50 thousand).

When the project is paid off, the full amount generated by each turbine would then be used. This leads to a significant amount of capitol that would be generated. It could be set up as a trust/foundation or given away entirely each year.

About Geoff de Ruiter:

My name is Geoff de Ruiter. I am a recent graduate of UVic with a masters degree in Kinesiology/Neuroscience. My undergraduate degree was obtained from UNBC in Prince George in the field of Biology and Microbiology. While attending UNBC I completed two undergraduate research theses: one examining genetic variability in a species of carp from China, and the other proposing various renewable energy systems to displace considered energy generation from coal fired power plants in BC. In the winter of 2008 I won the BC Hydro Innovation Challenge for proposing 21% energy saving techniques and technologies at UNBC, specifically focusing on snow storage for summer cooling.

Over the Past 5 years I have been actively involved in the environmental movement focusing on renewable energy, but advocating for and becoming knowledgeable in many fields of sustainability.

In my spare time I enjoy science, cycling, surfing, snorkeling in rivers, lakes, and the ocean, hiking, camping, speed skating, adventuring, living in BC, and generally awesome and interesting things.

One interesting factoid is that I have held my breath for exactly 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Finally, I love BC.

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