Security should be for everyone

Jeff Williams

As technology has progressed, so has the application of technology in the conduct of crime. At the same time, our school systems have, in many cases, failed to provide even basic information about the application of security and privacy to day to day computing activities. Similarly, many universities lack any form of computer security curriculum even in computer science departments.

The rapid pace of technological change is outpacing the ability of our educational institutions to build these necessary skills because of a lack of specialization around security, privacy and family safety because they, necessarily, focus on classroom management, basic skills and specific teaching goals. There is a solution for this. There is a very active community of computer security specialists and researchers. As a community we can raise the bar by engaging with schools and community centers and applying our expertise in an informal setting. With the right engagement, we can help the next generation avoid the sins of the past (and present) and create a more insightful mindset with regard to online safety.

About Jeff Williams:

Jeff Williams has served in multiple executive roles in security and privacy, has taught risk management at the masters level, has a great sense of both humor and pragmatism and understands how children think about the internet and why, without guidance, it will break the future.

2011 IdeaWave