Rabbit Project: Kimuka Primary School

Kelsey Lynne O'Gorman

While volunteering at Kimuka Primary School in Kenya, I was in shock at the lack of school supplies and text books the students had access too. Some textbooks were being shared amongst 10 children at a time, and in order to complete homework some children would have to run for miles to get access to a text book. During class, the students would have to share pens and pencils which made note taking very difficult. Not only were the children in need of supplies and books, the ones they did have were tattered and very worn over years of use. These conditions would only make obtaining an adequate education even more difficult, and thus greatly decreasing the life choices these children would have available to them. In order to alleviate this challenge, I began a rabbit project at the primary school. Me and a friend raised funds and were able to buy building supplies and hire a builder to construct hutches, then bought rabbits. Our hopes are this project will not only provide adequate funding to the school by selling rabbits as a food source, but to also provide children with a hands-on experience in animal care and developing important business skills.

About Kelsey Lynne O'Gorman:

My name is Kelsey Lynne O’Gorman, and I am a 4th year student currently studying at Vancouver Island University. I am graduating this year with my Bachelor’s of Science, majoring in molecular biology with a minor in analytical chemistry. I love to travel to different parts of the world and volunteer whilst visiting and submerge myself in the local culture. I have worked in a hospital in South East Asia, learnt about Tropical Ecology and Biology in Belize, and recently went to Kenya to volunteer for three weeks at a Primary School. My future goals are to become a doctor and go to third world countries to provide medical care and experience and learn from the local cultures that I am surrounded by.

I also love to cook and bake a variety of food, and love spending time with my family and friends. I am very much an outdoors person and love reducing my carbon footprint by minimizing my energy consumption, riding my bike, using earth friendly chemicals, and supporting local organic produce. I also volunteer at various local organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society, Raise a Reader, Youth Volunteer Corporation, and most recently St. John’s Ambulance.

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