‘Our Daily Bread’ What went wrong, and how we can reclaim the staff of life

Martin Barnett

Since the 1960’s bread consumption in the western world has plummetted 50%. During that time, wheat and grain allergies have increased exponentially.

This talk will explore the correalation between industrial baking and the rise of disease.

We will ask questions about todays ‘Artisan’ bread movent and suggest ways that we can support a move back to nutrional and well crafted baked products.

About Martin Barnett:

Martin Barnett was educated in England and came to Canada in 1977. Together with his family he ran bakeries in Victoria and Vancouver and more recently was with The Fairmont Empress Hotel. He has been instructing the professional baking and pastry programs at VIU since 2000. Martin just returned from a 3 month tour of Artisan Bakeries in Australia and is excited about the future, creative possibilities surrounding the new Wood Fired Brick Oven at VIU.

“Our trade is continually redefining itself and marrying the classic products and their traditional skill sets with modern approaches and techniques. The resurgence of craft baking and all that it entails is very exciting!”

2011 IdeaWave