Making friends with risk: A rewarding life-long mind set

Julia Doran

There’s that dangerous work again…RISK. We’re taught to believe risk-taking is scary, dangerous and irresponsible activity. The “what if’s” in life are almost always negative and fearful. Not to mention that if you haven’t thought of the “what if’s” on your own most people would be happy to point out the worst case scenarios for you. The reality is with a simple approach to risk- management many of these risks turn into opportunities.

I propose making friends with risk. Dare I even say making friends with risk can even be… FUN! This may be the single most important life lesson I have learned so far. I have continuously taken risks throughout my life, or perhaps more accurately stated what most people perceive as risks, and this has led me to some of the most amazing life experiences and dream jobs. Without taking calculated risks in my life many of these amazing opportunities would never have been a possibility for me. Making friend with risk can provide significant advantages and open up opportunities that typically remain closed to many individuals.

So here’s my suggestion: Stop being afraid of risk and befriend it instead!

About Julia Doran:

I love adventure and jump at any opportunity to travel. I love the outdoors, motorcycles and reading. I have a passion for languages and enjoy learning about different cultures. I think it is fair to say I like taking the road less travelled and doing things just a bit differently than most. I have a professional background in marketing, sales and event planning which has been fostered through my positions Warner Music and Whistler Blackcomb. I have a Political Science degree from Lakehead University and I am currently an MBA student at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business.

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