Israeli-Palestinian peace - Any new ideas?

Lisa Tansey

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems intractable. Both peoples want the same land, both have some valid claims to it, and both need a place to live. Many ideas have been put forward, but none has yet resulted in a solution satisfactory to all concerned. I have one idea to put on the table, and I’m interested to hear yours. I will give a very brief review of the issues and history, then present a possible map. Then invite comments and suggestions. With so much current upheaval in the Middle East, we can hope there is a chance for some positive change for all the peoples of that region.

About Lisa Tansey:

Lisa Tansey — Born in Palo Alto, California — so started out seeing the US as the center of the world. Then attended college in Canada, so got a broader view of the world. Got a degree in biology & geography — love maps, love electron microscope pictures! Have done many jobs — from cashier and waitress to recombinant DNA jockey and Oracle DBA. Love DNA, love data!

Started wondering about this question while working in Washington D.C. & saw the actual EPA buildings; realized the government employees there had almost no chance of knowing what they’d need to do regarding my San Diego neighborhood!

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