Healthy High schools!

Tamiya Leung

In the education system, students are only required to take physical education 9 & 10; they despise this requirement for the mundane activities and unoriginal sports that gym teachers usually choose to teach. My talk is the about the idea of combining a physical education and a health and nutrition course for grades 11& 12. After high school when students leave home, they are required to keep themselves healthy by eating properly, exercising on a regular basis, and balancing their course load. With this course, students would learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the skills to lead a more successful life post-secondary. The course would introduce different types of physical activity that students may have not been exposed to otherwise, for example curling or squash. This could instill a lifelong interest for fitness and health and subsequently be an advantage to the government because citizens would be taking care of themselves and thus costing less to the healthcare system. This talk would show the importance of wellbeing that is somewhat ignored by high school students.

About Tamiya Leung:

Last year, I had the goal to become Student Council President for my school. I had to prepare a speech that would captivate my audience. Stumbling over my first few words made me nervous, but then, I was on a roll. I achieved my goal and now I am heavily involved with my school’s leadership program. I enjoy learning the history of the past as well as the new ideas of the future. I am a creative and liberal person and I plan to attend Camosun College next year for the Visual Arts program. My hobbies include travelling, photography, reading, sewing, and scrapbooking (anything your Grandmother would do). In school, I play on the field hockey and soccer teams, and outside of school I enjoy more soccer and swimming (only in the right condition). In the summer, I worked for an ESL camp and met kids from all over the world. I loved hearing about the places they were from in their broken English. They really gave me a global perspective and taught me that even though we are thousands of miles apart, we are very much the same.

2011 IdeaWave