Creating a social media manifesto to empower and engage our youth

Beth Campbell Duke

By their very nature, institutions are slow to react to changes in the culture. This can be positive when protecting a culture from changes that are fads, but it’s also very frustrating when it’s clearly well past time for some significant change.

Canada, like many countries, is struggling with both educational reform, and how to cope with social media in the classroom. These two issues are not unrelated!

This talk will incorporate work by TED alumnus Sir Ken Robinson, social media pundit Brian Solis, and educational psychologist Howard Gardner to provide a foundation for further discussions on creating a “Social Media Manifesto to Empower and Engage our Youth”.

About Beth Campbell Duke:

Before launching CampbellDuke Personal Branding, Beth worked for a decade in the biotech sector, where she spent a significant amount of her volunteer time tutoring adult literacy, working with the regional science fair, and coordinating volunteers for the 24-Hour Relay for Easter Seals.

Perhaps not surprisingly, she left biotech to “retool” as a high school teacher and spent another seven years teaching. During the last 2 years of her formal teaching career, she and a colleague took on the challenge of the redesign and implementation of a Career and Academic Readiness program for at- risk youth, re-engaging them in their own education by focusing on their strengths and showing them that they could be successful in school and life.

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