Career Chaos

Shawn MacDonell

Why do people do the things they do? Because we are all following a pattern. We go to school, we learn, we follow instruction, we find out what we are good at, we get a job, maybe a career, and we live for the weekends. What if all of this was different? What if we could change the pattern? What if we even knew what the pattern was would that change the way we looked at the world? What if we lived with passion? What if we could live in a different way? Career Chaos is all about helping people sort through the mess called life, helping them figure out not only what their passions are but how to USE those passions.

Creativision has been creatively designing courses for individuals, teams, and organizations for years and have been having fun doing it. I would love to bring my passions to IdeaWave so that I can help others add a pulse to their passions.

About Shawn MacDonell:

For years I followed the pattern. I was going to be a computer engineer, work at Nortel, and then eventually take over the world. That didn’t happen for me so I searched for a better way. A way that would give me passion and not just things that I was good at. I could not find help-counsellors gave me tests that told me I should be an engineer. I found my own way I began life mapping. The life map told me many things-1. Computers were only a highlight in my life once, 2. I love being outdoors, 3. I love working with people, 4. I love teaching, 5. I love sports. So I built my whole life around putting those things together and working with them.

I have been an athletics coach for over a decade now coaching at every level from community to provincial to unviersity in rugby, hockey, and volleyball.

I run a company called Creativision where everyday I get to work with my passions. I have created new patterns of working and thinking for myself and everyday is filled with exciting challenges.

I am a passionate, energetic, creative thinker who is looking to make a difference.

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