A new practical political paradigm

Ken Wiebe

A practical proposal for increasing the effectiveness of democracy, through use of a simple and effective evolutionary change in the voting process. Suitable for any democratic group, from the smallest club to the largest nation.

Increase the value and accuracy of voting as a measure of political preferences while simultaneously decreasing undesirable distortions introduced by strategic voting and other non-optimal democratic decision-making strategies.

A simple and effective way of improving the way we govern ourselves in any democracy, laying the foundation for ongoing improvement by natural preferential encouragement of ethical political action.

About Ken Wiebe:

I have been a member of at least five political parties over the past thirty years.

Have held the positions of Party Leader, Director, and sat on numerous Committees. I know the political party system and how it actually works (or does not work), and why it inevitably leads to the type of politics (and politicians) we all love to hate.

Currently working as an Information Systems Consultant. Hands-on designing, refining, analyzing and correcting complex digital information systems in small to medium size organizations.

2011 IdeaWave