A Critical Re-tooling of Current Police Deployment

Michael Russell

With a continually growing population combined with a growing concern over current policing trends, a critical analysis of our deployment model and its relationship to the community is essential. An in depth look at current and future policing trends, based on information and research, including that of Supt. Chris Braiden (ret.) of Edmonton Police Service, leads this discussion. Police organizations must come to the realization that there is a need for allies and friends to guide the growth of law enforcement organizations. There needs to be a paradigm shift from a model of “service”, to one of empowerment of citizens to drive the change they want to see in their communities.

About Michael Russell:

Michael Russell is an actively serving police officer.

I have served as a police constable for six years, both in Edmonton, and in Victoria. I have worked in various capacities, including patrol, bikes and beats, and community liaison both in Edmonton and in Victoria. I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Community Development and I received my Bachelor of Education at the University of Alberta in 2004. I am on the Board of Directors for St. Maria’s of Parish Center (a non-profit church community group) and act as the liaison between this group and many other service providers in our community.

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