Taxing matters - Progress or Paralysis?

Les Atchison

Do governments allow their bureaucratic mind-set to avoid rational changes?

  1. Simplify our system —
    • Joint tax returns
    • Value added tax
  2. An income tax incentive to control medical costs
  3. B C. — corporate tax rates for small business vs. individual rates — are they fair?
  4. Tax reductions = tax on future generations?
  5. Questions for the audience

About Les Atchison:

Chartered accountant — in public practice since 1966 except for 5 1/2 years in a fully integrated manufacturing and retail company.

Served for 6 years as a director and chair of the audit and finance committe of a Crown Corporation.

Served as the chair of the Indian Band Audit sub-committee for the B C Institute of Chartered Accountants, the first of its kind in Canada.
Author of bi-weely news articles [Taxing Matters (c)] in a local community newspaper 1996 — 2010.

Past-president of local Chamber of Commerce and Cowcihan Golf & Country Club.

Married to Katheryn — 3 adult children. 2 grandchildren.

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