Rethinking Conflict and The Call to Evolve

Rachelle Lamb

When was the last time you got excited about conflict and the possibilities it provided? We’re not talking here about a perverse enjoyment but rather a creative engagement that calls us to step into a more evolved and upgraded version of ourselves.

For time immemorial, we humans have had a love-hate relationship with conflict, trying to come to terms with it both by searching out ways to increase levels of peace and harmony in our homes, communities and the world at large as well as equipping ourselves with the arsenal to engage in full-out combat. Perhaps we might be better served by investigating our relationship with conflict itself and realizing the very real potential it offers for being a force for greater good. Like change, conflict is inevitable. It simply is.

Like it or not, conflict is part of our lives and it’s a good thing… because at certain times, the best way to innovate and break free from the limitations of the status quo is to cross swords. Come hear what Rachelle has to say about becoming a master swordsman/woman in an age where the only outcome of real merit is one that ensures everyone comes out a winner.

About Rachelle Lamb:

Speaker, author and president of Mindful Communication, has offered her engaging communication and personal development talks and trainings to thousands in both the public and private sectors. Conflict and personal transformation have been her path for most of her life. By examining the communication habits and interpersonal dynamics that come into play when conflict arises in people’s lives and by applying certain tools that enhance precision and clarity, she helps individuals, couples and professional teams learn how to harness disparate energies into a deeper unified vision that inevitably leads to breakthroughs. Her ongoing commitment to helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential in both their personal and professional lives have earned her accolades in her field. Audiences consistently remark on the profound life-changing impact of what they learn in her talks.

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