Not-fully-thought-out Ideas: The Problem and the Solution

Desmond Lindo

As we gather to celebrate a host of new ideas that will undoubtedly prove to be of great benefit to our society, we must not forget that over the centuries there have been ideas that have not served mankind well. These ideas have ranged from the downright evil, to the poorly thought-out, and to the amusingly stupid. And sad to say, these less-than-beneficial ideas continue to emerge and to gain acceptance among a large segment of our society. Can anything be done about this ever-challenging problem?

This presentation offers a solution — one that caring, intelligent, and serious-minded individuals will find acceptable whatever their political or philosophical persuasions. All that is required of those who would implement the solution here presented is imagination, a sense of humour, and an abiding love for the African Rhinoceros. (Diceros bicornis bicornis.)

About Desmond Lindo:

Desmond Lindo shares many personal traits and characteristics with the African Rhinoceros. Short-sighted and incredibly thick-skinned, he possesses a cranium designed by nature for butting heads, which he loves to engage in with other obtuse individuals.

A former long-time resident of Victoria, his current roaming territory is the intellectually-barren veldt of the Comox Valley. He charges down to Victoria from time to time to feed on its lush intellectual greenery.

2010 IdeaWave