Ideas are like Crushes

Sasan Aghdasi

New ideas are like crushes. Your palms get a little sweaty, your heartbeat increases, and you can’t help but think about the possibilities the future holds for you two. Yes, you and your idea. You’re always thinking about your idea. You have notebooks full of all the things you could do together but you’re too nervous to initiate anything. Maybe you’re afraid of rejection, maybe you enjoy keeping your idea a secret, not telling anyone about it, for fear that they will steal it away from you. A crush is just a crush until you do something about it and an idea is just an idea until you do something about it. Take the risk and ask out your idea.

This talk will be focused on acting on ideas and turning them into something tangible. Touching on: why an idea should be shared with everyone and not be kept as a secret.

About Sasan Aghdasi:

Sasan Aghdasi is a web entrepreneur with a background in economics. He loves start-ups, has a weird fixation on banjos, and really enjoys eating limes.

2010 IdeaWave