Human flocking behavior - Creating solutions without leaders

Galen Bullard

From the play of fashion to the plague of fascism, from sporting events to stock market bubbles, humans engage in flocking behaviors. How does this unconscious drive affect our lives and our world?
This presentation will use practical examples to explore:

  • How the flocking instinct operates in animals, including humans
  • How flocking behavior can make it harder, or easier, for people to accept new ideas
  • Tipping points in the movement of the human flock
  • Using flocking to empower the leading edge of social change movements

About Galen Bullard:

My passion for understanding the world led me to earn a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Western Ontario, where I studied the computer simulation of flocking behavior with a pioneer in the field. I consulted in the computer industry for nine years in database design and system simulations. Next, my work in filmmaking and study of cinema semiotics showed me pathways to get inside the mind of the viewer in order to move them.

Meditation and other self-awareness disciplines gave me direct insight into how the human mind works. I have drawn on all these experiences to explore flocking behavior in humans and how it can be applied for positive effect. I now work in Victoria as a freelance writer.

2010 IdeaWave