Dynamic Balance and the Psychological Alpha Particle

Kurt Schmidt

As the flow of information continues to increase in our society, so does the importance of psychological balance. The idea of psychological balance may be a confusing concept, but the increasing speed of information in our culture makes its relevance more important. An unbalanced automobile wheel may be unnoticeable at slow speeds but becomes unmanageable at higher speeds, even destructive. In effect, as the speed of cultural information increases, without psychological balance, we may individually and collectively be subject to a fate similar to an unbalanced wheel.

Inspired by the traditional model of an alpha particle (the nucleus of the most abundant balanced element, helium) we present the simplest universal laws and principles of psychological balance in a new model called the Psychological Alpha Particle (PAP).

PAP offers a very powerful key for understanding psychological balance: the discovery of universal mutual purpose and respect between objective and subjective perspectives. It also provides a new mathematical framework for empowering successful dialogue between apparently opposing views and unleashes a revolutionary paradigm for empowering the successful evolution of individuals and organizations.

About Kurt Schmidt:

Kurt Schmidt is an electronics engineering technologist and businessman. For 20 years, he has been independently researching the principles and skills of effective and efficient communication. He and his wife Laurie have been married for 23 years and have five children.

2010 IdeaWave