One of Canada’s top 90 festivals!

Posted on Feb 14th, 2012 by cqwww

Westjet has launched their festivals website, where IdeaWave was listed as one of the top 90 festivals in all of Canada (top 30 in BC)! Unfortunately they decided to remove our event without notice, losing all of our votes and attention at that time. After some debate behind the scenes, I’m happy to announce that they’ve acknowledged we’ve challenged the very definition of festival, and in the end have to decided to support our endeavour. The bad news? They’ve lost out standings, as well as two days of voting. The good news? We’re back in the game, and if you take the 10 seconds to click the link and vote, we can easily surpass where we left off two days ago.

Do note, that doesn’t take much more time than it does to draft a 200 word submission! We still have over 30 speaker positions open, so don’t delay!

Click here to vote for IdeaWave, thanks!

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